• Pair of velvet recliners with iron feet, 1950s. There is a nameplate bearing the inscription 'Articolata Ratti - Italia (Via A. Figino, 2 - Milano, Brevettata)'. In good condition. Period: 1950s Measurements: H 90, 5 x W 67 x D 74 cm / Seat height 43 cm
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    "Cavallo e cavaliere" by Marino Marini, pen and brushstroke ink on paper, 1945. Signature at lower right. The drawing was included in the archive of the artist's autograph works in May '94. Period: 1945 Measurements: Framed H 63 x W 53.5 x D 5.5 / Paper H 35 x W 26 cm
  • Directoire-style half-moon gaming table from the first half of the 19th century. The table has: walnut panelling and maple inlays, an inlaid checker on the top, green cloth inside and truncated pyramid legs. Period: First half of the 19th century Measurements: H 82 x W103 x D 52 / Diameter Open 104 cm
  • Rich wall clock, Cartel Louis XVI, carved and gilded wood, 19th century. Very good condition of the wooden structure, the movement is to be checked, dial slightly damaged. Period: 19th century Measurements: H 86 x W 45 x D 15 cm
  • Rare Louis XVI standing clock, carved and decorated wooden pendulum, surmounted by an oil painting. Circa 1780, Vienna. The clock is in need of repair. Period: circa 1780 Measurements: H 74 x W 36 x D 21 cm
  • Pair of large decorated vases by Umberto Ghersi (1913-1993), circa 1950. Both vases are signed at the top. Period: circa 1950 Measurements: H 91 x D 39 cm
  • "Bacchanal" oil on canvas from the 17th century. In good condition, the painting has been cleaned and re-tinted in the 1990s, small colour fades The Bacchanal (Latin: Bacchanalia) was a Roman festival with a propitiatory background, of Greek origin. The name is of Roman origin and derives from rituals dedicated to Bacchus, but its origin is older; it probably dates back to Magna Graecia, where it was strongly rooted in the territories of Campania and Lucania as a cult of Dionysus, identified with Bacchus and Liber. Already in Roman times, but probably even earlier, it was an orgiastic feast that later became (or perhaps returned to its origins) a propitiatory feast for the gods on the occasion of the sowing and harvesting of the crops. Period: 17th century Measurements: Framed H 56.5 x W 68 x D 7 cm / Canvas H 37 x W 48.5 cm
  • This is a fine single bridal side chair with the original red-lacquer finish still in good condition. This side chair has a horizontal humpback back-rail wich extends beyond the two vertical frame elemets. The back-splat is 'S' shaped. Below the front seat frame, there is a cut - out scallop shaped apron panel. The legs are slightly splayed. At the base, a foot-rest and three horizontal stretchers joins all four legs. This bridal chair was placed inside a cedan chair. Period: Mid 19th century Measurements: H 84 x W 41 x D 34,5 cm / Seat height 38 cm
  • Academic drawing copy of the work by Juste de Juste (Tours 1505 - 1559). Depicting a nude, muscular male figure standing with his head in profile and his left arm raised. Period around 1600? Period: 1600? Measurements: Framed H 39 x W 33,5 x D 2,5 cm / Drawing H 21,5 x W 15 cm
  • "L'abbraccio" bronze by Mariella Perino, artist from Biella. Works produced at the beginning of her career, mid 1960s. Period: Mid '60s Measurements: H 96 x W 34 x D 36 cm
  • Bronze nude of a woman, by Mariella Perino, artist from Biella. Work from the beginning of her career, mid 1960s. Period: Mid sixties Measurements: H 55,5 x W 22 x D 37 cm
  • Weekly desk/secretaire in Napoleon III style, veneered in various woods, with bronze applications. Mid-twentieth century production Period: Mid '900 Measurements: H 125 x W 66 x D 34 cm
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