“Sky Kiss 2007” Flap sofa, an icon of Edra’s production, designed by Francesco Binfaré.
The Sky Kiss 2007 edition is dedicated to pop-art: made of white fabric with a print, the sofa becomes a large canvas representing a romantic kiss between a man and a woman.

Pure Italian design, incomparable for its stylistic innovation. This sofa stands out for the originality of its shapes and its high level of functional flexibility, as it is possible to adjust the nine movable elements of its modules to sit or lie on them. The various components of the seat, inspired by the flaps of aircraft wings, can assume up to six positions.
The Flap has a steel frame, a brushed and chrome-plated metal base, polyurethane padding, and has been entirely assembled by hand. The choice of fabrics is anything but random, each product has been studied and upholstered according to tactile and technological characteristics, conceiving what materials are useful for each model.
The condition of the sofa is good, the fabric needs to be washed and has a tear of about 12 cm (see in the particular photo).

Period: 2007

Measurements: H 84 x W 355 x D 160 / Seat height 34 cm