• Coffee table model "Ragno" designed in 1955. Circular glass top and base with spiked legs and shaped arms in beech wood. Italian manufacture from the 1960s. Good conditions. Diameter cm 68 Height cm 50,5
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    "Child", bronze by Claudio Botta, 1929, bears the signature of the famous Brescian sculptor. The sculpture is a detail of the Monument to Edmondo de Amicis - First prize at the National Competition of Oneglia (Imperia). The bronze is prensent in the Catalog "Claudio Botta, artista bresciano" at page 29, published in a special edition printed in 500 copies in 1959.
  • Samo table by Carlo Scarpa in white Naxos marble. Feet in a single block with grooves. Thick oval top. Small signs of wear due to time
  • Table lamp mod. 12297 designed by Angelo Lelli for Arredoluce , Italy, 1950s Brass and lacquered aluminum. In excellent used working condition, authenticated by Arredoluce Lit.
  • "Faunes et Flore d'Antibes" - Edition 46/175 - "Au Pont des Arts". Original album from 1960, containing 7 colour lithographs. Printed by Daniel Jacomet under the supervision of Picasso, Paris. Introduction by Jaime Sabartes, New York Graphic Society - Au Pont Des Arts, Paris, 1960. The Portfolio reproduces 7 paintings on paper by Pablo Picasso, from the series: "La joie de vivre", Antibes August/September 1946, plus the frontispiece that was specially designed by Picasso for this edition. Printed on paper marked Arches and preserved in the original linen folder. The prints are reproduced in the original format of the paintings, and the dimensions of the folder are: H 65 x W 50 cm. The linen folder and the prints are in very good condition. One hundred and seventy-five numbered copies, this being 46 of 175. Period: 1960 Measurements: H 65 x W 50 cm
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    Mario Sironi - Building, aeroplane and buildings in the distance - ink on squared paper applied to cardboard, unsigned. The work can be dated 1919/1920. Authentication of '91 by Francesco Meloni. Period: 1919/1920 Measurements: Framed H 39 x W 34 x D 3,5 cm / Paper H 20,5 x W 15,5 cm
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    Mario Sironi - Jockey on Horseback - Futurist work from 1914, pencil on canvas paper, signed lower right. On the back, date, title and signature by Willi Macchiati. Period: 1914 Measurements: Framed H 57.5 x W 73 x D 4.5 cm / Paper H 23 x W 32 cm
  • Large Empire style table, mid 20th century. Four winged, gilded sphinxes support the marble top and maple band with neoclassical carved decorations. Double Y base with marble inserts. Period: Mid-twentieth century Measurements: H 81,5 x W 217,5 x D 102 cm
  • Mario Sironi - Church and Figure - Tempera on paper signed lower right, 1944. Authentication 10/11/1982 confirmed by la Bussola gallery. Period: 1944 Measurements: Framed H 48 x W 60 x D 5 cm/ Tempera H 18.5 x W 29.5 cm
  • Rare Piedmontese sideboard from the Restoration period, circa 1830. The sideboard is in walnut with boxwood and cherry inlays and fillets. Six doors, riser supported by two turned columns, onion feet, decorated glass. Period: circa 1830 Measurements: H 244 x W 160 x D 60 cm
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    Pencil and white lead, study of a figure of a man with his back, 17th century. Period: '600 Measurements: Framed H 33.5 x W 26.5 x D 3 / Pencil H 24 x W 18 cm
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    Cannicci, Niccolò (1846-1906) Marina at Sunset (1906) Already at the 2010 meeting art auction Lot No. 177 Painting Oil/canvas 98 x 56 cm Adjudication price: 10.500 € Marina at Sunset Date: 1906 Painting Oil on canvas Dimensions (height x width in centimetres): 98 x 56 Annotations: Signature and date at lower left: NCannicci / 1906 Period: 1906 Measurements: Framed H 121.5 x W 79.5 x D 7 / Canvas H 98 x W 56 cm
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    Crucifixion oil on copper from the second half of the 17th century. The author is an Italo-Flemish painter active in Italy in the second half of the 17th century, a follower of Peter Paul Rubens (Siegen 1577 - Antwerp 1640). The work is in excellent condition. Period: Second half of the 17th century Measurements: Framed H 57 x W 49 x D 6 cm / Rummy H 30 x W 23 cm
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    Aedicule frame in Florentine Renaissance style, first half of the 20th century. Made of green and gold lacquered wood in architectural form, upper band moulded and carved with various orders of decoration and surmounted by a carved coat of arms, Two pilasters with carved leaves and Corinthian capitals. Rich apron with carved and gilded leaves. Period: first half '900 Measurements: H 135 x W 78 x D 12 cm / Inside dimensions H 60 x W 50 cm
  • Giuseppe Bozzalla, Marina Ligure, oil on panel signed and dated lower right "Bozzalla 1937". In the same year two works painted in Pieve Ligure. Dedication on the back. Period: 1937 Measurements: In frame H 45,5 x W 54,5 x D 6 cm / Tablet H 27 x W 36,5 cm
  • French guilloché mirror from the second half of the 19th century, beautiful decoration in embossed and gilded plate. In very good condition. Period: Second half of the '800 Measurements: H 105 x W 68 x D 7,5 cm
  • Pair of velvet recliners with iron feet, 1950s. There is a nameplate bearing the inscription 'Articolata Ratti - Italia (Via A. Figino, 2 - Milano, Brevettata)'. In good condition. Period: 1950s Measurements: H 90, 5 x W 67 x D 74 cm / Seat height 43 cm
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    "Cavallo e cavaliere" by Marino Marini, pen and brushstroke ink on paper, 1945. Signature at lower right. The drawing was included in the archive of the artist's autograph works in May '94. Period: 1945 Measurements: Framed H 63 x W 53.5 x D 5.5 / Paper H 35 x W 26 cm
  • Directoire-style half-moon gaming table from the first half of the 19th century. The table has: walnut panelling and maple inlays, an inlaid checker on the top, green cloth inside and truncated pyramid legs. Period: First half of the 19th century Measurements: H 82 x W103 x D 52 / Diameter Open 104 cm
  • Rich wall clock, Cartel Louis XVI, carved and gilded wood, 19th century. Very good condition of the wooden structure, the movement is to be checked, dial slightly damaged. Period: 19th century Measurements: H 86 x W 45 x D 15 cm
  • Rare Louis XVI standing clock, carved and decorated wooden pendulum, surmounted by an oil painting. Circa 1780, Vienna. The clock is in need of repair. Period: circa 1780 Measurements: H 74 x W 36 x D 21 cm
  • Pair of large decorated vases by Umberto Ghersi (1913-1993), circa 1950. Both vases are signed at the top. Period: circa 1950 Measurements: H 91 x D 39 cm
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    "Bacchanal" oil on canvas from the 17th century. In good condition, the painting has been cleaned and re-tinted in the 1990s, small colour fades The Bacchanal (Latin: Bacchanalia) was a Roman festival with a propitiatory background, of Greek origin. The name is of Roman origin and derives from rituals dedicated to Bacchus, but its origin is older; it probably dates back to Magna Graecia, where it was strongly rooted in the territories of Campania and Lucania as a cult of Dionysus, identified with Bacchus and Liber. Already in Roman times, but probably even earlier, it was an orgiastic feast that later became (or perhaps returned to its origins) a propitiatory feast for the gods on the occasion of the sowing and harvesting of the crops. Period: 17th century Measurements: Framed H 56.5 x W 68 x D 7 cm / Canvas H 37 x W 48.5 cm
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    This is a fine single bridal side chair with the original red-lacquer finish still in good condition. This side chair has a horizontal humpback back-rail wich extends beyond the two vertical frame elemets. The back-splat is 'S' shaped. Below the front seat frame, there is a cut - out scallop shaped apron panel. The legs are slightly splayed. At the base, a foot-rest and three horizontal stretchers joins all four legs. This bridal chair was placed inside a cedan chair. Period: Mid 19th century Measurements: H 84 x W 41 x D 34,5 cm / Seat height 38 cm
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