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    Oil painting on wood by Alessandro Lupo (1876-1953) with a beautiful golden frame. Signed by the author on the upper left side, it bears the title on the back. Subject: "Camogli" Technique: Oil on board Period: Early 1900s Measurements: Frame H 40 x L 46 cm / Board H 14,5 x L 19,5 cm
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    Big silver chandelier with 6 light points. In excellent condition. Period: First half of the 20th century Measurements: H60,5 x Ø 45,5 cm Weight: 2,8 kg
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    Small safe with studs, working key. Inside equipped with two drawers. Very good condition. Period: Half 1800s Measurements: H 40 x L 40 x P 27 cm
  • Beautiful metal sculpture by Carlo Bellomonte (Turin 1958), graduated at the Artistic Gymnasium, attended several Academies in Italy and abroad. "Every sculpture by Bellomonte presupposes the knowledge of the Self, the profound investigation into the spirituality of the Being which, through the material, becomes reality, manifesting itself in our eyes. The use of recycled iron, of surprising colors to solve a vision of space and the vibrant and fluid idea makes Bellomonte's works a continuous journey in search of the essence of life, sometimes interpreted with irony, others with disenchanted passion. " Signed by the author on the basement Subject: Face Material: Iron Period: 2015 Measurements: H 47 x L 24 cm
  • Beautiful liberty style terracotta sculpture depicting a girl's head, entitled "Jeune Bacchante". Dated 1914 and signed on the back by the author Claire Jeanne Robertine Colinet (1880-1950). The sculptress was born in Brussels in 1880 and studied sculpture with the artist Jef Lambeaux. His favorite subjects were exotic dancers, cabarets and circus performers. The female figures in Claire Colinet's sculptures are tiny, muscular and dramatic. Colinet held his first exhibition in 1913 at the Salon de Artistes Francois. Period: 1914 Measurements: H 41 x L 26,5 x P 24 cm
  • Bronze Sculpture by Torquato Tamagnini (1886-1965), depicting "Woman in Torsion", signed at the bottom on the base. He was a sculptor who was particularly famous for the numerous monuments to the fallen of the Great War. Author of some small bronzes of Liberty taste. Present at the I Biennale Romana, he founded the Casa d'Arte "Corinthia" in Rome. In excellent condition. Period: Early 20th century. Measurements: H 57 x L 25,5 x P 22 cm  
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    Rare Piedmontese walnut bed with turned columns dating back to the 17th century. In good condition. Period: '600 Measurements: H 170 x W 147 x D 201 cm
  • Baroque oval frame, original from the first half of the 18th century, in carved and gilded wood with gold leaf. Period: First half 18th century Measurements: H 91 x L 78 cm
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    Venetian sideboard, beech, three drawers and four doors, cantilever foot
    Period: Mid 19th century
    Measurements: H 100 x W 145 x D 47 cm
  • Suspension chandelier in blown glass, dating back to the 60s
    Period: 1960s Measurements: H 170 x L 147 x P 201 cm
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    50's hourglass floor lamp, in opaline
    Period: 1950s Measurements: H 121 x Ø 40 cm
  • Red stilnovo lamp dating back to the 1960s. Cast iron base.
    Period: 1960s Measurements: H 124 x L 21 cm
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