“Donna”, unique bronze work by the master Francesco Messina (1900-1995), in dark patina and burgundy shades, authentic from 1990 by the CSD (Milan art center).
The master and his art:
The artist, Sicilian by birth, trained in Genoa and Milanese by adoption, who was able to experience all the artistic seasons of the 1900s. He has been able to filter and summarize in his works the feeling of time and its passing year after year, work after work, with an always original and coherent look at the poetics of the material. Cocteau said of Messina that “he does not strive to run faster than beauty (…) he walks leaving large footprints on the sand, without the subsequent waves of fashion erasing them”. (Cit)

Period: 20th century
Measurements: H 60 x L 12 x P 8 cm