Vintage lamp, Italian design by Felice Antonio Botta – Epoque 1960/1970 – Florence.  Shows signs of wear, to be restored, so we have reduced the price by 40 %. Felice Botta studied at the Istituto d’Arte in Florence, then continued his artistic career in search of simplicity. For a series of educational objects, he received eleven awards from the prestigious European brand for good play, Spielgut; he was also selected for the Compasso d’Oro in 1970 and was present with his objects at the 14th Milan Triennale. With his original sculptures, made out of poor materials, mainly recycled, he has taken part in numerous exhibitions in various Italian and foreign cities, including Tokyo (1985-86), Naples (1988) and New York (1992). Felice Botta loved his wood, which he searches for, finds and archives until the moment he chooses it for one of his works, always leaving it as it is, nothing added, nothing taken away. Following his love and respect for nature and his strong passion for poor materials and for the continuous search for simplicity, he discovered poor and recycled paper, a material congenial to his feeling of being a creator. The base of the lamp is composed of plexiglass discs and thick wooden discs, without lampshade.

Period: 1960/70

Measurements: H 38 x D 10 – 220 volts / 150 w