Wooden icon painted in oil depicting Saint Stiliano of Paflagonia, patron saint of children. Stiliano mainly looked after children, not only those physically afflicted but also those who needed spiritual guidance. It is said that families from all walks of life entrusted the illumination of their children to Stiliano to such an extent that he was forced to look for a larger home and to recruit the assistance needed to take care of so many of his hermit friends .
His was probably the first kindergarten in the world, where mothers could safely leave their children to devote themselves to other household chores.
Stiliano also became the patron saint of unborn children, following the miraculous intercession for a young woman who had helped him with the children, who could not have had one. When the woman gave birth to her child, her husband, mad with joy, spread the news of the miracle across the country, and so, numerous sterile women went to the hermit saint. Those whose faith in Jesus Christ was sincere became fertile.

Period: 19th century
Measurements: In frame H 42 x L 33.5 / Icon H 26.5 x L 20 cm