Large original screenprint by Aligi Sassu (1912-2000).
SASSU ALIGI. Born on July 17, 1912 in Milan. For his father’s Sardinian origins, he spent several years of his childhood in Thiesi (Sassari). His first essays are from 1926. He participated in the futurist movement until 1930; then he broke away. He had contacts in Milan with Edoardo Persico and Raffaele Carrieri; around 1931 he was in opposition to the Italian twentieth century, with Birolli, Manzù, Grosso, Tomea. He exhibited for the first time at the Venetian Biennale in 1928; his first personal is in 1930, at the Galleria del Milione. In 1934 he was in Paris, where he obtained success at the Galerie des Quatre Chemins. Since 1935, after returning to Milan, he has taken part in numerous artistic events. He participated in the first two editions of the Bergamo Prize; at the Sacred Art Exhibition in Bergamo he received the first prize with the work Deposition. He is an etching, lithographer, ceramist; he created works of sculpture, frescoes, stained glass, scenography. In 1957 he created a large cycle of mosaics in the apse of the Chiesa del Carmine in Cagliari; His works have been presented in numerous cities, including abroad: in the U.S.A. in 1933; in London in 1935; in Buenos Aires in 1947; and in Paris, Boston, Lisbon, Bucharest (where an anthology of paintings and graphic works was set up in 1966). Among the major solo shows in Italy, we mention: the one concerning graphics and sculpture carried out in the Galleria Civica di Monza in 1965; that of 1966 in Palermo presented by Salvatore Quasimodo;

Period: 20th century
Measures: H 163 x L 159 x P 4.5 / Canvas H 151 x L 146 cm