“Escape to Egypt” oil on canvas from the 18th century, in a contemporary gilded frame.
The episode of the Flight into Egypt is an episode from the childhood of Jesus linked to the Massacre of the Innocents, narrated in the Gospel of Matthew (2.13-23), in which Joseph, with Mary and the infant Jesus, flees to Egypt.
The iconography of the Flight has been a popular subject in art and shows Mary with the child on a donkey led by Joseph proceeding on foot, or the Holy Family encamped for a short rest.
In this work there is a perfect fusion between the landscape and the fleeing Family, which is guided by an angel on its way to salvation.

Period: 18th century

Measurements: Framed H 78.5 x W 64 x D 7 / Canvas H 64.5 x W 50.5 cm